NBA Ballers Chosen One, Midway Games, Inc.
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

NBA Ballers Chosen One was my first project as a User Interface (UI) Designer at Midway Games, Inc. I was introduced to the look and the feel of the game so that I could design game assets (icons and extra items that you can earn in the game). Some of the graphics were provided by other teams, but I also created many graphics from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

My assignments included the following:

  • Designing and creating the set of acheivement icons (used for the XBOX 360). This was my very first task. Acheivement icons are gained when players complete specific tasks in the game. Players earn the icons as well as extra points once they have completed these tasks.
    • Basic reward icons are displayed to the player to let them know that they have earned a basic reward such as new gear, a new super move, or they've unlocked a new player.
    • The modify-a-baller icons display the different customizable aspects of the player's chosen character.
    • The Shut'em Down icon is displayed in-game and indicates that the player can perform a super move against the opponent.
    • The lavish reward icons represent special rewards that players can earn throughout the game.

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