Basics in Animated Language: An Intro to Writing Japanese
Software: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop | LAUNCH SITE

This project is an e-learning application that allows the user to view tutorials on the two fundamental Japanese writing systems: hiragana and katakana. Users can choose the system and then pick a character to begin the tutorial. Each of the characters includes buttons to view each stroke (which is indicated with a number and a color to differentiate between the strokes) and a 'FINAL' button to view the character in all black. This project was created from scratch in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash.

I submitted this project into ARTimation 2007, the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg's 8th annual digital arts festival. My project was displayed along with other selected student projects in the lobby at AMC 30 South Barrington Theaters in South Barrington, Illinois. ARTimation attendees were able to interact with our projects on computers.

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